Webmaster services

Webmaster Services

Is your webmaster also a digital marketing expert? Does your marketing service or department offer webmaster support? We didn’t think so!

CustomMarketer doesn’t only design websites, we also keep them optimized, updated, and secure—while applying our marketing expertise. Of course, you need a website that looks good, runs well, and stays up-to-date. But what good does any of that do unless it also captures leads and converts them into customers? Otherwise, your spiffy, expensive website might as well be a pretty paperweight!

Our Marketing-focused Webmaster Services include:

  • Regular updates to your website
  • Resolution of coding issues from updates
  • SEO data and analysis from incoming links
  • Monthly analytics for both your website and social media accounts
  • Heat maps for web page optimization

You get all of the above services, combined with our professional marketing analysis and experience, for the bargain price of only $27 per month![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]