Let’s develop a clear outline of your

Marketing Strategy

Utilizing your personal and business strengths we will help you create a custom marketing strategy that will makes sense and is easy to execute. 

Simple Works

Creating easy to follow marketing strategies gives you the tools and accountability you need to create consistent results in your marketing. Our marketing strategy will outline what you can easily handle to focus on consistency.

Online Strategy

Find the best places to advertise to attract the right type of clients

Offline Strategy

Determine who you will talk to when and about what and then automate your process

Content Planning

Create specific themes for your marketing campaigns to follow to cover whats most important

Promotion Planning

Determine when to run and sales and what needs to be done to maximize it

Marketing Strategy Sessions

During our 1 on 1 strategy session we will take inventory of what you are doing and determine what to add and when to develop a marketing strategy that will work for you.



Our hourly rate for marketing strategy development is $125 per hour. If you are using any of our monthly services (such as geeks of speed, social media posts, or blog posts) then our rate is only $75 per hour.


Time Frame

These are one on one sessions and will be scheduled together at the time of the order.

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Let's Build Your Vision

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