Don’t Sweat the Technical Stuff

Digital Management

You have much better things to do with your time instead of worrying about setting up emails, automations, learning code, and all that geeky stuff you push off because of the hours it will take to figure it out.

Our Services

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Systems Management

Integrate your online systems and software into a cohesive system to maximize your effeciency.

Email Setup & Management

Get your email accounts setup and properly integrated into your software.

Analytics and Tracking

Let us setup and manage your website and social media traffic in weekly or monthly reports.

Software Setup

Get your software setup properly with training and mapping to learn on your own.

The Help You Need

Get the help you so desperately need from the team who understands the technical aspects of business. We have expertise in a very wide range of software and applications and are more than happy to help however much or little you need.


Our fees for services are very straight forward and easy to understand…we bill you by the hour. When you have a project that you need help with it is as easy as contacting us for a time estimate. From there we will get started!

Depending on your relationship with CustomMarketer.com the cost may vary. Clients utilizing our Geeks of Speed Hosting and Maintenance packages have a built in discount.

Time Frame

Most projects are completed within 24 to 48 hours depending on the length of the project. Larger projects will be given a scope and timeline for project completion.

Need Professional, High-Quality Custom Website Design?

Get Your Custom Website Design!

You can have a high quality, powerful custom website design for your business. With our Custom Growth Plan, we will ensure your website is optimized, safe, and updated with fresh content and images every single month!

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