Let’s Focus on Building an¬†Engaged Audience!

Convert Traffic to Connections and Build Trust

Did you know that most people who come to your website want to work with someone just like you? Giving your visitors a chance to simply learn about who you are and what you do will earn trust.

We work to create transparent communication that fosters open conversations about your products and services. Then we create an enticing offer in exchange for their email address so you can focus on answering their questions before they pick up the phone.

Traffic Conversion Kit

The Custom Marketer Traffic Conversion Kit is the perfect addition for converting traffic into an engaged audience. Here’s what comes with your Traffic Conversion Kit.

Lead Magnet

Get a guide integrated with your services in an easy to read, professional, PDF.

Follow Up Campaign

8 Email Series with an enticing “offer” to view a special value or giveaway.

Landing Pages

We create your Lead Magnet Squeeze Page, Download Page, and Sales Landing Page.

Website Integration

Get a Pop-up and strategic placement of your lead magnet on your website.

Here’s How it Works For Your Visitors

The Traffic Conversion Kit Workflow.

Visits Your Website

Your visitor is greeted with a tasteful Pop-up offering them your FREE Guide explaining your services.

Pop Up to Active Campaign

The visitor submits their name and email address and all information is populated into Active Campaign.

Redirect to Your Value Offer

After the email has been submitted your new connection is redirected to a landing page with your unique value offer.

Automated Email Campaign Starts

8 Customized emails are sent to your new contact with each one redirecting them back to your Unique Value Offer to help them convert to a lead.

Traffic Conversion Kit Options

Get the tools you need at a price that fits your budget.

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