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Nothing is more exciting than seeing your vision come to life with marketing that embodies your company’s personality and delivers a message that engages and converts your audience!

Website Design

Let us create a website that accentuates the best values of your business, builds trust, and converts your audience into leads.

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Email Campaigns

Engage and convert your audience with beautifully crafted email marketing campaigns. Perfect for newsletters, lead campaigns, or product indoctrination!

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Business Automation

Automate your business from lead generation to client fulfillment with our business automation service. We work closely with you to build the perfect system to streamline your operations.

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CustomMarketer is your go-to resource for high-converting web and marketing design.

With years of experience as marketers, designers, and entrepreneurs, we invest our passion for creating fully-realized digital experiences into effectively marketing your business.

We are passionate about designing highly engaging, professional assets including websites, online ads, sales funnels, branding, and even print materials.

We drive conversion by giving your audience a unique, personal experience while interacting with your brand.

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The 3 Biggest Lessons We’ve Learned

The 3 Biggest Lessons We’ve Learned

I'm going to be a bit more transparent than "professionalism" allows. I am glad that 2017 is over, not that it was a bad year, but it was a hard year. Just like every business, we had some GREAT successes and some HORRIBLE failures. But the biggest success out of the...

5 Tips for Getting the Most Conversions from Your Blog

5 Tips for Getting the Most Conversions from Your Blog

 How to Optimize Your Blog for Maximum Conversions Keep reading part 1 of our Content Marketing series Since Custom Marketer was a new startup, we've been on a constant evolution in content marketing! We've dug into every resource available to uncover the best...

Business Branding Simple Tips

Business Branding Simple Tips

Business Branding is an important part of maximizng your marketing and impact on visitors. These simple tips will help you focus your efforts to grow your business. Business Branding Definition: Unique design, sign, symbol, words, or a combination of these, employed...

Marketing Strategy

Let’s create a marketing plan for this year that will keep you on track and focused on building your business.

Brand Development

Create a stunning brand that personifies your business culture and engages your audience to convert.

Social Media Posts

Stay in front of your audience and impress your visitors with daily, high-quality social media posts.

Authority Blogging

Build your brand as a trusted authority in your market with blog posts designed to convert your readers.

Website Optimization

Don’t lose traffic to a slow loading website. Optimize your WordPress site and make it LIGHTNING FAST!

Graphic Design

Let us create the perfect flyers, brochures, and graphics you need to bring your brand to life.

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